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Educational courses that contain:

courses + Webinars that contain:

​ Comprehensive yet digestible information

 Content that focuses on the electromagnetic aspects of our biology

​ Actionable health optimization interventions that are free + accessible 

 Topics NOT taught in centralized university or traditional health programs

 Multi-disciplinary education (biology, physics, chemistry, engineering)

 Prioritizes evolutionarily consistent principles in a modern context

 ​Self paced learning with advancing topic complexity

Decentralized Health EMF CURRICULUM 

A Multi-Course Series Providing the Most Comprehensive Education on 
Electromagnetism in Our Environments & it's Effects on Biology 

Taught by Decentralized Health Founder Tristan Scott (M.S. Electrical Engineering)

More Courses to Come in 2024 to Round Out the Curriculum! 
EMF-202 (Biological Mechanisms of Action) in Progress...

EMF – 101

The Foundational EMF Course: 
An In Depth Introduction to Electromagnetic Radiation

Includes 6.5+ HOURS of:
 -Educational video content
 -100s of linked research studies                     -Recommended resources + products 

Course Content:

 An Introduction into Electromagnetic Radiation + Electromagnetic Fields

 History of Electropollution, Societal Health, & Technology Generations

 WHY nnEMFs are Detrimental to Our Health

 Mitigating EMF Exposure

 Measuring EMFs

*Recommended to take EMF-101 before taking EMF-201 or rest of curriculum

EMF – 201

Radio Frequency (RF) EMFs from Modern Technology & How it is Affecting Your Health

Includes 2+hrs of input from multi-decade experienced Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer Rob Rebich!

Course Content:

 Introduction to Radio Frequencies (RF)

 History of RFs & Review of "Safety Limits"

 Deep Dive into Wi-Fi, 4G, and 5G from a Technology Perspective

 Do RFs Cause Cancer + Infertility?

 What our 6G & "Smart, Connected" future means for your health

 Mitigating EMFs While You Travel  


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Big Tech Doesn't Want You To Know The Truth About EMFs

EMF-101 includes over 6.5 hours of educational video content!

EMF-101 Information
The course provides you the introductory knowledge, the know-how about why EMFs are detrimental to our health, tips on effectively mitigating exposure, and demonstrations on how to measure EMFs and EMF exposure using an EMF meter + Body Voltage Kit.

You don’t need a STEM background to take this course. EMF-101 was made so anyone can learn about EMFs and effectively protect themselves and their loved ones from their health effects.

EMF-201 Information
The secondary course in the curriculum was made to build off of the foundational principles taught in EMF-101. It takes a deep dive into Modern Technology + Radio Frequencies (RF) so you can understand how technology such as Wi-Fi and 5G is affecting your health. The most important sources of EMFs to tackle from my perspective because it is the technology we are spending an every increasing % of our lives using. Helpful mitigation tactics + full home hard wiring your internet tutorial.

Why Education around EMFs Matter
EMFs are in fact the cigarettes of the 21st century, and I implore any one who wants to take control of their health get educated on what they are, how they impact our biology, and how you can mitigate exposure.

We don’t need to go back to the caves, we just need to be smarter about our use of technology. I outline in my EMF curriculum the most effective and low cost mitigation tactics, alongside my honest opinions of many EMF mitigation products on the market.

Purchasing an EMF course supports the Decentralized Health Fund
Education is empowering, and 25% of all EMF course sales will be donated to the Decentralized Health Fund to support researchers who aren’t being funded by the highly centralized and high ROI centric scientific budget. We need to take science back from the captured centralized dogma, and the only way to do that is to fund research on our own. Bitcoin also helps enable this. Check out the Decentralized Health fund tab on the site for more details. 

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Decentralized Health Testimonials

Stay Tuned For Future Courses On Decentralized Health Topics Such As Seasonality, Diet, Light, Biological Semi-Conduction & More. 

EMF 101
An In Depth Introductory Course to EMFs

Foundational course that contains over 6.5 HOURS of educational video content, 100s of linked research studies recommended resources and products.

Step 1 in the Decentralized Health EMF Curriculum. 

This Is A Limited Time Offer Only Available To Those Who Enrolled In EMF-101. Purchase Below!

EMF-101 + EMF-201



 RF-EMFs from Modern Tech (5G, Wi-Fi & More)

Deep dive into Radio Frequency (RF) EMFs from Modern Technology. 5G, WiFi, Home Internet Tutorial and insight from an RF Engineer all included.

Step 2 in the Decentralized Health EMF Curriculum. 

Recommended to take EMF-101 before taking EMF-201 or rest of curriculum

Recommended to take EMF-101 before taking EMF-201 or rest of curriculum

Thank you for all of your support and as always…

Stay Sovereign,

Tristan Scott

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